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Kegel exercise is an effective exercise for strengthening yourpelvic muscles that support the urinary bladder, small bladder, bladder, and the reproductive organs. Kegel exercise, also known as pelvic floor muscle training, can be done with a simple technique. You need not require any type of equipment to perform this exercise.

It is important to understand how to perform Kegel exercise. Simply put, you need to contract and relax your pelvic muscles. Usually, it is recommended for females to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles to reduce the labor pain or to overcome urinary incontinence. It is equally helpful in men. Let us go through the advantages of Kegel exercise in men.

Various factors are responsible for weakening the pelvic floor muscles, such as an overactive bladder, uncontrolled diabetes, and surgical removal of the prostate and other procedures done to the reproductive organ and rectum. In men, Kegel exercise is useful for health issues such as:

• Urinary Incontinence –
constant urge to urinate

• Fecal Incontinence – constant urge to defecate

• Dribbling urination even after evacuating the bladder

• Premature Ejaculation (PE) – early ejaculation on minimal sexual stimulation or soon after vaginal penetration

Before performing Kegel exercise, it is important to locate the right muscles and understand the proper technique on how to perform it. You need to focus on and determine the pelvic muscles and then comprehend how to contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

If you want to identify the right muscles, stop urinating in the middle and tighten the muscles that stopyou from passing the urine. When you are able to do this thing, you will feel a sensation of contraction in your perianal region, which is the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles.

Once you identify the pelvic floor muscles, lie down on your back, bend your knees, tighten those muscles, hold the contraction for three to five seconds, and then release for a few seconds. Do this few times per set; do not overdo it.

For satisfactory results, make sure you concentrate on enduring the pelvic flow muscles. You can repeat Kegel exercise at least three times a day.

You will notice an improvement by performing Kegel exercise on a regular basis. With this type of exercise, you can gain control over your ejaculation during sexual intercourse. To reap the benefits of Kegel exercise, do it regularly and include in your daily routine.

You need to focus on strengthening the pelvic flow muscles, so make sure you fix a time for performing it. Before doing such exercise, you must empty your bladder. You can even do it while brushing your teeth, while standing, etc. You can also perform it during sexual activity so that you can gain good control over your ejaculation.

If you face any issue while doing Kegel exercise, do not hesitate to ask your physician for help. A physical therapist will guide you on how to perform Kegel exercise. It is important to do it right in order to reap the benefits.

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